UCCRN ARC3.3: Submit Your City Case Studies!

Jaad Benhallam
September 25, 2023

Dear UCCRN Members -- 

We are compiling new case studies for UCCRN’s Third Assessment Report on Climate Change and Cities (ARC3.3) and are requesting your climate change and city case studies! With our 2,000+ member network of scientists, researchers, and practitioners, your knowledge and experience on urban climate change at the local level will provide valuable insight into city-specific risks, actions, and sector-specific themes. 

Our ARC3.3 Equity Author Team has identified a need for case studies on heat waves, landslides and riverine flooding, with data on # of fatalities or # of affected individuals among low-income people, ethnic minorities, women versus men, elderly versus non-elderly. They are also seeking a case study on climate mitigation with relevance to justice, equity, and/or informality. Other focus areas may be identified and sent out in a follow up email. 

All case studies are peer-reviewed and finalized case studies will be published on UCCRN’s Case Study Docking Station (CSDS) @ MIT ESI. The CSDS is UCCRN’s online, searchable, open-source database with over 100 peer-reviewed case studies. Well-developed and most relevant case studies may be considered for inclusion into UCCRN’s Third Assessment Report on Climate Change and Cities (ARC3.3), to be published by Cambridge University Press (2023-2025).

Please see the UCCRN ARC3.3 Case Study Template for instructions and relevant information about word count, format, and figures. In addition to using the Case Study Template, please complete the Case Study Data Collection Protocol and include it at the top of your case study, following the title and author name(s). These data variables will be used to enhance the searchability of your case study.

All drafts must be submitted to the following Google Form by Thursday, October 26th, 2023, close of business local time. If you are interested in submitting a city case study, please confirm your commitment by emailing Jaad Benhallam, lead developer for the Case Study Docking Station at UCCRN, at [email protected]. All questions can also be directed to Jaad.