Latin American Hub

Launched in October 2015, the UCCRN Latin American Hub is hosted by the Oswaldo Cruz Institute/FIOCRUZ and the Center for Integrated Studies on Environment and Climate Change at Universidade Federal do Rio de Janiero (COPPE-UFRJ), under the coordination of Dr. Martha Barata at FIOCRUZ, and Prof. Emilio La Rovere at COPPE-UFRJ. It aims to promote enhanced opportunities for new urban climate change adaptation and mitigation knowledge and information transfer through ongoing dialogue between scholars, experts, urban decision-makers, and stakeholders at the regional level.

Members of the team behind the UCCRN Latin American Hub

Currently, the UCCRN Latin American Hub is engaged in promoting new research on climate change vulnerabilities, impacts, mitigation, and adaptation of Latin American cities; incorporating new members from different parts of the Latin American region; and hosting, promoting, and participating in workshops and scientific networks in order to build capacity for knowledge partnerships with cities’ scientists and stakeholders.  Additionally, the Latin American Hub is looking to translate the ARC3.2 in Portuguese and Spanish and adapt it to publish an “Education Kit for Municipal Schools and Museums,” in order to provide a toolkit to assist in creating more resilient cities.

The core partners of the Latin American Hub are the Brazilian Environment Ministry, the Brazilian Health Ministry, the Rio Resiliente Program, the Environmental Secretary of the City of Rio de Janeiro, and the Environmental Secretary of the State of Bahia.

Martha Barata – [email protected]
Emilio La Rovere – [email protected]