Third Assessment Report on Climate Change and Cities (ARC3.3) 2021-2023

The ARC3 report series represents a collaborative effort with authors from cities in developed and developing countries around the world. The reports are the first-ever global, interdisciplinary, cross-regional, science-based assessment to address climate risks, adaptation, mitigation, and policy mechanisms relevant to cities. The assessment articulates urban climate risk frameworks and climate science for cities and derives policy implications for key urban sectors—water, energy, transportation, sanitation, public health—and the systemic issues of land use and governance. 

Currently, UCCRN is in the planning stages of the third edition of the assessment (ARC3.3). ARC3.3 will be published as a series of reports in 2021 - 2023. Each report will focus on a key facet of urban climate change, including nature-based solutions, urban planning and design, data and the role of technology, and climate governance, among others.

To learn more about the ARC3.3 author nomination process, visit the ARC3.3 Author Nomination page.

ARC3.3 Author Selections are currently ongoing for 

  • Circular Economies for Cities
  • Data and the Role of Technology
  • Interdependent Infrastructure Systems Part 1: Energy, Transport, and Buildings
  • Interdependent Infrastructure Systems Part 2: Water and Waste
  • Nature-based Solutions: Enhacing Capacity to Respond to Shocks and Stresses
  • Perception, Communication, and Behavior 
ARC3.3 Kick-Off Workshop