Join UCCRN's Sessions at Adaptation Futures 2023!

September 29, 2023

UCCRN is hosting two sessions at the upcoming Adaptation Futures conference in Montreal next week. We hope to see members of the climate adaptation community in Montreal and at our sessions!

On October 3rd (11 AM - 12:30 PM), the Urban Climate Change Research Network’s (UCCRN) panel session will share critical research takeaways and policy recommendations from the first Elements of UCCRN’s Third Assessment Report on Cities and Climate Change (ARC3.3). The knowledge-sharing session will explore how ARC3.3 findings can be leveraged to achieve transformative urban adaptation across multiple scales and sectors. During the panel discussion, Coordinating Lead Authors (CLAs) will present cross-cutting themes and respond to panel and participant comments. Participants will learn about ARC3.3’s key findings first-hand and have an opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback. Adaptation Futures 2023 will be the first time that ARC3.3’s cutting-edge climate research will be released for discussion amongst a broad gathering of scholars and scientists.

On October 6th (8:30-10 AM), UCCRN Education will provide critical thoughts on education and knowledge transfer challenges and present the available online educational platform (i.e. UCCRN Edu) with guidelines to integrate climate design into planning and city management. In this hybrid session, we will facilitate a workshop-like discussion with online and in-person participants.

For further details about our AF23 sessions as well as UCCRN gatherings, please reach out to Maria Dombrov, UCCRN Global Coordinator ([email protected]).